57-year-old teacher headed SEF's broken network

30 Oct 2019 06:49 PM466

By: Correio da Manhã

 57-year-old teacher headed SEF's broken network

A 57-year-old teacher, placed in a Vila Real school, was accused by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) on suspicion of leading a network that, for a year and a half, falsified Portuguese-mandated certificates of training, and allowed hundreds of immigrants access to resident status and nationality.

A 30-year-old Ukrainian immigrant residing in Viseu, who had the role of raising stakeholders, mostly from Eastern Europe, in the network's services, was also accused. Each immigrant paid for enrollment in the Portuguese training program.

The SEF investigated this situation, finding that most of the students in this course were residing in other parts of the continent and islands, rarely attending classes. Searches were made of the school, allowing the collection of documentation attesting to fraud.

Ten foreigners, already granted Portuguese nationality, were accused as beneficiaries of the scheme. Several even needed interpreters during interrogations.