Web Summit 2019: Innovation and technology break into Lisbon

06 Nov 2019 10:32 PM 753

In its eleventh edition, WebSummit takes place in full swing at Altice Arena, a space for public attractions and festivals located in Parque das Nações, in Lisbon. The event is the largest technology summit in the world and brings conferences, networking and the ongoing discussion on preponderant themes inserted in the context of innovations in the society.


The event's co-fo...

Portugal remains one of the lowest paid countries in Europe

06 Nov 2019 08:35 PM 683

According to a study conducted by the Office of Strategy and Planning of the Ministry of Labor, recently presented, Portugal ranks 12th among 22 countries that updated the minimum wage in 2019.


Of the twenty-eight Member States of the European Union, twenty-two updated the minimum wage in 2019 by legislative means or by intersectoral agreement. According to the table with nominal values adjusted to monthly values (12 months) and taking into acc...

Gray and rainy thursday almost all over the country

31 Oct 2019 03:58 PM 690

By:  Redação TVI24 31-10-2019

The sky will be cloudy this Thursday and there will be periods of rain, especially in the northern and central regions.

Forecasts by the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) point to morning fog or fog.

Still according to the IPMA, a slight rise in the maximum temperature is expected.

Porto will reach a maximum of 18 degrees, Lisbon at 21 and Faro at 22.

The a...

Nazaré's new giant wave event expected to be '10 times better'

31 Oct 2019 03:56 PM 586


By TPN/Lusa, in News · 30-10-2019 15:56:00 · 0 Comments

The giant waves of Nazaré will have during the winter a new event, the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge, which...

10 facts about Portugal

31 Oct 2019 03:54 PM 595


That Portugal is amazing, everyone already knows. But today, we at WeVooV have decided to list for you 10 facts about this country that is conquering the world!

1-Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe
In 1139 became the kingdom pf Portugal until 1910 when it became a republic.
2- Portuguese is the official language of eight other countries outside of Portugal.
The result of the colonization is that Portuguese is spoken in Angola, Br...

Never before has Social Security seized so many bank accounts”

31 Oct 2019 03:52 PM 598

By portugalresident  2019-10-29 Posted  2019-10-29 InTop Stories 

“Never before has Social Security seized so many bank accounts” clawing back money owed.

Using this sentence as its headline, Diário de Notícias has been limited to fi...

57-year-old teacher headed SEF's broken network

30 Oct 2019 06:49 PM 577

By: Correio da Manhã

 57-year-old teacher headed SEF's broken network

A 57-year-old teacher, placed in a Vila Real school, was accused by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) on suspicion of leading a network that, for a year and a half, falsified Portuguese-mandated certificates of training, and allowed hundreds of immigrants access to resident status and nationality.

A 30-year-old Ukrainian immigrant residing in Viseu,...

Egyptian scaleup chooses Lisbon for Tech Hub

30 Oct 2019 05:22 PM 192

By TPN/Lusa, in Regional · 25-10-2019

SWVL has officially announced the opening of its first office in Europe, choosing Lisbon for the launch of its Tech Hub.

The company is to hire 150 people in Lisbon by 2020 for key tech roles, such as Head of Engineering, Data Scientists and Developers. The office will be located in the Anjos neighbourhood in LACS Anjos, the refurbished building t...